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Pokorný Stable Bouzov


Welcome to The horse stables Pokorný under Bouzov castle.


These days the agrotourism is our main concern. At our stable you can enjoy a ride through the beautiful countryside around Bouzov castle either right in the saddle or on one of our comfortable carriages or on our stagecoach ( a mobile pub).


For further information look into the service category, further below.

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If you have any additional questions or you need more information, please contact us on e-mail  pokornja_at_volny.cz or call 00420 728 101 611. 

We also offer a high quality shoeing of your horse, for more visit web www.podkovy.eu.


Looking forward to your visit



At our place anybody can ride a horse.

Mostly we ride along meadows and forests in the Bouzov castle surroundings. You can also make an appointment and ride a horse at our riding-school under supervising of a trained employee.



Stepwise ride         250 CZK per hour

Ride in trot             300 CZK per hour

Ride in gallop         300 CZK per hour

Riding-school         350 CZK per hour


We can also offer other possibilities,just call or send e-mail with your requirements and we will contact you!!



 One hour is 60 minutes



Rides on carriages, a stagecoach, a funeral carriage


Our carriages can serve as a part of the wedding, on different festive occasions or various presentations. It is possible to order more horse teams to any location in the Czech Republic.


Price from 3 000 CZK + transport ( if it is required, we can make a particular offer or send more information).



Housing and dressage of horses





We offer twice a day food ( oat, barley, hay), grazing area, basic cleaning, basic veterinary treatment. Price doesn´t include shoeing and specialized veterinary cure.

Price is 3 000 CZK per month


Housing with dressage

  • riding skills ( mounting, basic dressage, preparation for jumping)
  • harness into the cart

Price is 6 000 CZK per month